Top Tips to Know Before You Restore a Classic Car

Walter Gefrom
2 min readJun 10, 2022


Classic cars have a massive appeal for many people around the world. They just don’t make cars like they used to, which leads many enthusiasts to tackle a car restoration. It is a rewarding and potentially profitable experience for lovers of classic cars, however it is a huge commitment.

Walter Gefrom is a project manager and civil engineer with a deep seated passion for restoring classic cars. His most recent project involved restoring a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible. As a classic car enthusiast, today he shares the top tips you should know before you restore a classic car:

Do your research on the car before you buy. People often underestimate how much it will cost to bring a classic car back to life, so make sure you are ready to take on that commitment.

  • Consider the amount of time it will take to restore the car. People often say it takes around 1,000 hours to restore a car, which can translate to a year or more. Be realistic about how much extra time you have on your hands.
  • Choose a car that you know can be restored to a high degree while also keeping costs down as much as possible.
  • Always view the car in person, especially if you found the ad online.
  • Make sure the car is free from rust or major damages. Costs could really get out of hand.
  • Make sure you know what tools and parts you will need.
  • Don’t be afraid to get specialist help for certain jobs.
  • Exercise patience and don’t do it just for the money.



Walter Gefrom

Walter Gefrom is a Civil Engineering Project Manager and Car & Auto Enthusiast based in Utah.