Top Reasons to Volunteer Today

  • Helping others actually decreases your own stress levels. When our stress levels get too high, this can affect the immune system. In this way, volunteering is great for your physical and mental health.
  • Volunteering is a great way to learn and develop new skills that you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.
  • As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met. You could meet someone who changes your life.
  • Building a sense of community is a huge benefit to volunteer work. Humans are social creatures, so being part of a community of like minded people is a huge benefit.
  • You can add any volunteer work you have done to your resume for a better chance at getting your dream career!
  • Most importantly, volunteering can give you a sense of purpose in the world. Not to mention it is also great fun.



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Walter Gefrom

Walter Gefrom

Walter Gefrom is a Civil Engineering Project Manager and Car & Auto Enthusiast based in Utah.