How To Find Volunteer Opportunities

  • Some volunteer organizations will request a resume, so make sure you put one together before you apply, just in case.
  • Do you have any specific skills that make you unique? Are you creative? Do you like building things? Do you love talking to people? Can you teach people a skill? Knowing your skills can help you narrow down your search.
  • Tell your friends and family that you are looking to volunteer. They may have experience with a particular organization, or know of places looking for volunteers.
  • You can find local volunteer opportunities at places such as your local library, community center, animal shelters, parks and recreation departments, food banks, etc.
  • These days there are many websites that pair organizations and volunteers together, such as JustServe.



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Walter Gefrom

Walter Gefrom

Walter Gefrom is a Civil Engineering Project Manager and Car & Auto Enthusiast based in Utah.